• Conservation Photography and Visual Storytelling


Mountains & Rivers provides conservation photography and visual storytelling. My mission is to rewild the human imagination through the use of profoundly effective photography and digital storytelling that can challenge and awaken, move and invigorate, nourish and empower, rejuvenate and connect people to each other, themselves, and nature.  

Each project starts with a collaborative partnership. My credo is Love Life Better (TM) and this reflects throughout the consistent passion within my approach on each phase of our working together. 

My clients are creating change in the world, their communities, and their workplace. As a result, I am truly fortunate to be doing the work that I am passionate about with the people and organizations whom I enjoying the opportunities to work with. 

Services I Offer

Conservation Photography and Visual Storytelling Services:

  • Assignment photography
  • Concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Video production
  • Digital marketing content and digital media asset creation (custom stock libraries)

My Blogs

Enso - A Conservation Photography Blog

Enso an exploration of conservation through visual storytelling. www.mountainsandrivers.com/blogs

South Mountain Journal

South Mountain Journal is a blog focused on the folklife of people within the northern tip of the blue ridge mountains.  The blog balances the “things to do and sights to see” in our area with the people, who help make this region an experience, a wonderful place to live, work, visit, and play.  www.southmountainjournal.com


About John Canan, conservation photographer and visual storyteller

John is a photographer, naturalist, and community builder based in Western Maryland on the edge of the Central Appalachian Mountains. His approach focuses on creating imagery that fully engages people and invites them to deepen their connections with their communities, the natural environment, and ultimately, themselves. He earned a degree in Sustainable Community Development and Regenerative Design from Prescott College and was a recipient of the esteemed Servant Leadership award.

John specializes in using photography to serve institutions, businesses, and communities. His work is described as a catalyst for positive change. He is a perpetually curious adventurer and a story sherpa who immerses himself in and openly shares the natural beauty where he lives.

Matinicus (Tinni)

Tinny is the resident blue merle, Pomeranian. Matinicus is an Abenaki word for a beautiful island 23 miles off of the coast of Rockland, in Knox Co. Maine. Tinni is pensive, sometimes content, and she always ready to explore and share her love of the moment.

Tinny also is the Visit Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland (CVB) adventure mascot, where she enthusiastically uses her expertise in location scouting, supervising John's stunts, and providing general inspiration. Cute and snuggly, she also has a hunter’s heart. To tell her story with a camera means being able to live life at 1/8000 of a second.

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