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    The Poetics of Morning

Our Story is Really Your Story, The Story Your Organization Will Tell

Mountains & Rivers Media provides media services, consulting, and coaching to mission-driven, conservation, place-making, and grant making organizations, agencies, municipalities, and partnerships.

Nature is important for the continuation of life. Mountains and Rivers Media utilizes its presence to foster a sense of awe for the remaining wild places in the eastern United States. We excite, invigorate, connect with, and reinforce the human imagination through the impactful visual storytelling photography that we create for our clients to use in service of their visions. 

We leverage our resources to create original works to normalize:

  • Healthy and sustainable life supporting planetary stewardship,
  • Create a culture of deep nature connection,
  • And increasing human vitality and individual quality of life both as a species and as earth neighbors.

Mountains & Rivers Media is both agile and scalable. We have developed a network of media specialists and subject matter experts around the aspects “places of concern” regarding human and nature interactions in North America. We accessing this network of contractors and consultants to enable rapid engagement with and support for ongoing or developing projects, expanding our capacity and reach for our clients while also lowering the cost of doing business as it relates to multi-site and mission critical projects.

Mountains & Rivers Media creates community impact and reciprocal benefits using a consistently applied multi-layered approach, including:

  • Creating jobs to assist, enhance, and scale our services.
  • Building the capacity of small agencies and not-for-profit organizations. 
  • Advocating for projects that strategically benefit the missions of our clients. 
  • Choosing projects and partners that engage in restoration, protection, education, and advocacy for the natural world.
  • Highlighting, showcasing, and promoting values that are both important and necessary for a sustainable and inclusive future for all beings, 
    • such as stewardship, 
    • gratitude, 
    • compassion, 
    • inclusion, 
    • fair trade, 
    • and transparency.

The heart of the work of Mountains and Rivers Media is regenerative practices. We collaboratively create photography, video, and other assets and while doing so, we model inclusive cultural practices that provide education, deepened connections to place, and advocacy for the natural world. A healthy ecosystem and having access to it provides each citizen, community, and state with a healthier and happier life.