Mountains & Rivers Media
ReWiding the human imagination

Our Vision: Rewilding The Human Imagination

Rewilding the human imagination TM, we are addressing the whole person within their context in the built world, the collective place, and as a living being. We are drawing awareness to the spontaneous conceptual side of the self as well as rational, and the feeling.

We, you and I, all share an inextricable connection to the natural world and to each other. Humanity has created complex webs of problems that, more progressively with each generation, threaten our own and all life on Earth. We live on an enormous planet. We face the largest mound of problems humanity has ever faced. The human population is larger than it has ever been. All of life is in trouble. To address the perpetual heap of trouble that we have lugged with us through the ages, it will require all of us. You, me, we, us, and them. Every person alive today is a necessary part of a solution for living.

  • We humans have lost our way-finding. ​We need each other and the problems that we face to recover.
  • For 1,000s of years, human cultures have grossly mistreated what they viewed as the others (both within their own culture as well as outside of it). We shift, but fail to change fundamentally. Cultures always falling into self-affirming their destructive behaviors through their narratives.
  • We are capable of and we desire better; better than what we have demonstrated since our time on Earth began. Not what we claim to be, but rather who and how we are.

We formed Mountains and Rivers Media to create digital media that fosters genuine storytelling for you to use so that through your work; you are shifting the cultural narratives and perspectives to support regenerative living. Narratives that extend beyond the moment and create a life-affirmed legacy. Unearthing new paradigms that truly impact an individual's relationship to themselves, each other, and the natural environment. Over time, your messages will stretch the accepted norms towards respecting and caring for and about other-than-human existence, both for the sake of life itself and as a generous act of compassion with a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. 

Mountains & Rivers’ purpose results from the recognition that several things are true as they pertain to the continuation of any life and human nature.  
  • Life on Earth is a continual loop of complex interdependent relationships; we need nature and other beings in order to survive. 
  • Humans, as individuals and collective groups, ignore or overlook information, ideas, and others to which they are averse, indifferent, or neutral. 
  • Humans, as individuals and collective groups, develop an interest in, protect, and attend to that to which they feel an affinity (sometimes called love) towards. 

It's a big job, but many hands make light work,

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