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ReWiding the Human Imagination
The Potomac Highlands
The Potomac Highlands -- The genius loci -- the spirit of place. The Potomac Highlands, in the central Appalachian Mountains, is where I entered this world, these are the lands that held me as I grew, fostered wonder and curiosity as I freely wandered throughout my youth.
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Conscious Reflection on The Broader Impacts of the Choices of Products, Services, and Activities has on Life
An open and iterative process of reflection, research, discussions, discernments, and investigations towards living and working in ways that supports life, and are fair, equitable, sustainable, and regenerative.
02-04-2021 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
Conservation Photography: This is my Why
I asked myself how can I use the tools at my disposal to inspire in others, an embodied commitment to stewardship? This resulted in a complete restructuring of my business and to focus on supporting conservation.
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Fishing in This Creek - It's What Keeps Me Going
Bucky, one of 201 residents in Aurora, West Virginia says that fishing keeps him going. It never matters if he catches anything or not it’s about the quality of time spent outdoors away from others in a peaceful and serene environment.
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How I Won Today!

We all could enjoy a boost now and then, especially with life changing so rapidly for our entire species. In my circle of friends we denote moments that rise above the noise in the head or are out of the norm as a win, we call it #win and we share our wins with each other every Wednesday.

This week, ...

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