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Cooking with Spirit

Cooking With Spirit

Origin Story

Where did it begin? Maybe at 5 at the kitchen table with my grandfather on Sunday mornings with Pecan stickies? Maybe at 12 in the kitchen with my mom at Christmas making Swedish Limpa? These is something magical about the living evolving nature of the combination of flour yeast and water. The process is ancient, and all at once. It is life sustaining and relationship building and thru the course of my career it has led me thru some of the finest Bakeries in America. Mark Jalbert’s Gettysburg Baking Company, Wes Lanham’s WB Lanham and company, Eti Baron of Udi’s bakery. And from every interaction I was not only educated but inspired. That passion and the experience of the magic evolving of yeast, water and flour has transferred to my wife, and now she too is producing world class breads on a mico scale in our home utilizing a spontaneous culture, flour and water, I utilize them in the restaurant we oversee. Not only do we use the bread in menu applications but take great pleasure in giving it away to the guests. We do so for what I believe is the natural instinct of those who are called to serve, and in such possess the spirit of service and hold the joy of transcribing sustenance. Both which when kept are of little value, but when released into the ether produce the greatest of value; the building and nourishing bodies, minds, relationships and communities. 

- from the kitchen table of Jeremy Jones, December 2021