Mountains & Rivers Media
ReWiding the human imagination
  • Conservation Photography and Visual Storytelling

​Our Mission

The mission of Mountains & Rivers Media is to use profoundly effective photography and audio and visual storytelling to challenge and awaken, move and invigorate, nourish and empower, rejuvenate and connect people to each other, themselves, and nature. 

"We see race, culture, sex, and social equities as essential strands in the web of life"

Advocation for Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) including indigenous cultures and for its extension to all life forms Rights of Nature and ecosystems. 

​Essential Problems We Address:

​Many if not all of our clients (grass roots, private enterprise, government, nonprofit, and institutional entities) are so busy addressing the change they seek in the world, or providing the level of protection, awareness, and engagement that their mission driven operations needs, they seldom have the room or time to tell effective, meaningful, and relevant stories that connects their work to a broader audience.  Other clients and partners struggle to celebrate with their audience and staff their small and eventual victories.  As an independent organization we can uncover and tell all sides of a story, advocate for our clients and the work projects we do with them, and continue to cover the issues as the story unfolds and becomes a reflection of the organization and the work that they do.  

Our Motto's

  • Rewilding the Human Imagination (TM)
  • and Love Life Better ❤️(TM)